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TITE Diploma Courses

TITE Diploma Courses

The TempleCity institute of Technology and Engineering (Polytechnic) have a 3 year full time Diploma Programme in the following disciplines along with MBA (2years). The Course Content and syllabus is as per the SCTE&VT ( State Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training), Bhubaneswar (Orissa).

  • 1. Electronics & Communication Engineering (Intake-60)
  • 2. Computer Science & Engineering (Intake-60)
  • 3. Mechanical Engineering (Intake-60)
  • 4. Electrical Engineering (Intake-60)
  • 5. Civil Engineering (Intake-60)

Distinctiveness At the program level the institute’s approach is best described as practical, user friendly and flexible. The right balance of cutting edge theory and hands-on experience is the key to an education that will provide options and a lifetime career opportunity to our participants. We endeavor to provide to all our participants a rewarding and successful career opportunity to meet the diverse of the new generation.