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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering : At TITE

As a core branch, the department lives up to the developments taking place in the field of electricity ,Generation through hydro, thermal, nuclear and nonconventional sources, Transmission and Distribution of electricity, Different Electrical Machines, Control and Protection of the systems, Metering and Testing, Different applications of Power Electronics etc. We inculcate the basic fundamentals of engineering to ensure that a young brain understands everything happening around. Hence, someone can visualize the length and breadth of the Electrical Engineering studied here. The department is committed to develop as an academic excellence of learning, research, and a renowned problem solving centre for the industries and environment.

The branch is strengthened with fully equipped laboratories like The Basic Electrical Laboratory, Electrical Machine Laboratories I &II, Electrical & Electronic Measurement Laboratory, Network & Devices Laboratory, Control and Instrumentation Laboratory, Power System Laboratory, Power Electronics Laboratory, Electrical Drives Laboratory with simulation with software like PSCAD and MATLAB. All the laboratories are self sufficient and associated with qualified and experienced persons to impart quality education to the students who understand and perform all the experiments. All the students are exposed to have practical knowledge in the field, by conducting regular study tours to different Hydro Electrical Projects, Thermal Generating Stations, Grid Stations of different voltages, Different Transmission lines etc.

In the lower semesters, as per the BPUT syllabus, basic courses like basic electrical engineering, Circuit analysis are offered for a strong foundation in the branch subjects, which are taught in higher semesters. In the higher semesters, advance courses such as Advanced Control System, Advanced Power System (FACTs, HVDC, Power Quality, Protection and Transients, Power Station Engg etc.), Artificial Intelligence (Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithmic. ), Signal Processing and Power Electronics are taught. Care is taken to make the students to understand all the subjects taught.