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Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science : The Discipline

Computer Science is the study of almost anything to do with computer technology. Fortunately, there are many sub-areas within the brother discipline of computer science, and new areas are continuously being created as the discipline advances.
Computer science has certainly become a more discipline, a discipline of study in itself and one that continues to grow. However, a rather unique aspect of comp. science is that its not only a very broad discipline, but that it has exceptionally broad application to nearly every other discipline imaginable.


Computer Science : The Job Market

The ultimate gain that we all want is the job opportunity that we want to pursue. A degree is not terribly useful unless it’s possible to use that degree to launch a career. Different job facilities are available for a degree holder of computer science discipline namely computer system analyst, comp. software engineering, network system & data communication analysts, comp. programmers, database administrator and many more..


Computer Science : At TITE

The Dept. of computer science & engineering provides two graduate degrees. Like:-
Bachelor in comp. science & engineering
Bachelor in information technology
• The department is offering courses to 120students.
• The course offers considerable flexibility in selecting specific course work to meet individual students need.
• The department is equipped with both hardware and software facilities consisting of 5 different well organized labs. Most of the advance software and language are made available to the students.
• The teaching provided to the students is specially designed to integrate input from different courses. Like:- digital electronics, system software, computer architecture and programming languages.
• Different quix programs and skill tests are done under the guidance of experienced faculties.
• Students are motivated to undergo through the intensive training program carried out in dept. at the end of each technical session over the programming.